Technical SEO

No website can rank without correcting it on-page factor

If Content is king then its rendering is queen

You have fantastic content but if it is not properly readable by search engine crawler then it can’t rank. Sometimes a small mistake of you can prevent your website from ranking well in search engine. Technical SEO is to make your website in accordance to the search engine webmaster guidelines. Follow those guidelines ensure a better ranking and visibility in search results. Sometimes breaking those guidelines leads to penalty as well. It’s about taking full advantage of search result features.

Important Technical SEO

Page Speed

Page speed is direct ranking factor for Google and other search engines. People are moving towards mobile and it is a different from high speed broadband connected desktop. Many people are accessing your websites on sluggish low speed networks. It should load faster in every scenario. Fast load > happy user > happy search engine > better ranking.

Mobile usability

Google is getting more searches from mobile and tablet then desktop. Add more to that, Google is preparing mobile first index where ranking decided by your mobile website instead of desktop as it is today. So improve your mobile usability index is most important for future. There are many factors to look after to improve mobile user experience like design, font, page size, clickable area, rendering on various screen size etc.

Structured Data and Rich Cards

It is useful to present data in format which Google and other search engine crawler understands easily. Today search engine result pages have evolved a lot and display lot of information on SERP itself. All types of websites can have information which can be presented in structured data, especially local businesses and e-commerce websites should not ignore it. Google displays these data in a variety of formats on different devices, and can help to outshine your competitors and drive traffic to your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology makes mobile pages very fast. It is lighter version of html which consume less resources. If you are a news website or cover latest updates of your industry regularly then AMP can really help you to scale your visits. In near future, it may come to normal search results as well. We can help you to get your website on AMP.

Few other technical SEO things we will take care

  • Solve Indexing & crawling issues
  • Manage crawl budget – to increase speed of crawling and indexing of newly added pages
  • Crawl Errors – resolve crawl error in Google search console (i.e. webmaster tools)
  • International targeting – implement hreflang and canonical tag to clearly indicate to search engine crawlers about region wise pages
  • Secure website over https – https is tiny ranking factor
  • HTML Improvement – achieve higher page speed and better user experience
  • Remove malware, site hack and secure your website by various measures
  • Sitemap management – generate various types of sitemaps and submit. Regular update through coding.