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SEO services to achieve purpose of having a website

SEO Agency for
Local and Retail

Take your business to the next level. SEO is long term investment which yields results for years once the ranking achieved. SEO helps to reduce your paid advertisement budget over the time so to increase ROI significantly. Added to that, SEO results are probably permanent (unless you do crazy things).

We are passionate bunch of people with an aim to improve search engine visibility for local businesses and retail brands. On-page and off-page both are integral part of SEO process. Our systematic approach designed to improve a website from all perspectives.


What you can
expect from us?

We will work same as your own team located at the other office

  • Low cost affordable pricing
  • Definite increase in traffic
  • Website and data security
  • Sustainable Growth in visitors
  • Comprehensive reporting

Our step-by-step Process

Each and every step is performed by our experienced team members to achieve near to perfect website and better search engine ranking for it.

SEO Analysis

We will analyse your current website and its traffic data. Competitor’s analysis – analyse all those websites ranking in top 10 for your niche. We will use those findings to develop the perfect strategy to increase your ranking and drive new visitors to your website.

On-Page SEO

No web page can rank without correcting the on-page factor. No matter how many backlinks it has. After Google Panda update, unique, fresh and informative page content on the subject is most important. Meta title and description, header tags, URL paths etc. optimisation for targeted keywords.

Technical SEO

Now a day, Google and other search engine display so much information in search result itself alongside usual title, description and url. It requires special coding to read that information by search engine crawler. Implementation of relevant structured data like reviews, price, special offers, contact details, AMP pages and many more. Pagination, international targeting, indexing issues, web page speed etc. will be looked upon.


Link building has changed a lot after manual actions taken by Google and Penguin algorithm update. Process of getting links, anchor text you use, getting genuine recommendations for your product or services from your users etc. have taken front seat. Increase overall domain authority of your website is the key to rank now.

SEO Reporting

Our reports will be transparent and easy to understand. It includes rank tracking of targeted keywords, interactive charts of visitors’ data with comparison to historical data and user engagement data. We report minute to minute work so you can see how every penny you spend is utilised. We prepare report weekly/fortnightly/monthly depends on work hours in various formats like word, excel or pdf.