Remarketing Ads

Convert visitors to customers who know you

It’s about convincing
those who left your website

Typical conversion rate of websites stands around 2-5%. Those 95-98% visitors who left are highly potential customers because they are more likely convert then new entrant because they already know about you and your brand. Remarketing just pass the right message to them to convince.


Retargeting has proven effective

The average click-through-rate for display ad is 0.07% while for remarketing ads has 10x more. According to a survey, 72% e-commerce shoppers abandon their shopping cart once before they make the purchase. Without retargeting only 8% come back and make purchase but with retargeting the percentage goes to 3x high close to 26%.

Remarketing is not just about sales, it is very helpful in branding too. In one of the comScore study, remarketing ads has led to increase in branded search by whopping 1000%. It is also helpful to reach out similar looking audience as well.

Google Remarketing Ads

  • Largest inventory – Google Display network has largest reach across the devices, approx. 2 million websites and apps.
  • Dynamic Remarketing – show those products only in which they have shown interest but this time with custom tailored message.
  • Remarketing lists based on they travelled in customer journey to communicate most relevant message.
  • Remarketing to your existing customers through email list to upsell other products and services.
  • Seamless targeting – whether user visited website or app, Google’s technology helps you to reach them on any device for remarketing.

Facebook Remarketing Ads

  • Largest network with most active users – more than 1.44 billion monthly active users spend average 20 minutes on Facebook, enough time to make an impression.
  • Lower cost per click – remarketing ads on Facebook is cheaper then Google and other networks.
  • Facebook also offers to create remarketing lists based on users visited website pages and also using your existing customer data.
  • Look-a-like audience helps to reach out more people with similar characteristics to your website or app’s visitor or your customer. Reach more potential customer at lower cost.
  • Brand awareness – Facebook’s organic reach is added advantage. Leave impression to the friends of users who like, share or comment on your page or post.