Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads & Campaign

Reach the shoppers
who matters most

Show your product with detail information in search result directly. So those who are just browsing online, turn them into buyer by your attractive prices, special offers, reviews and ratings. We will help you to run the profitable Google shopping ads (formerly known as Product Listing Ads).

If you are in Retail – you just can’t ignore Google Shopping ads

Google shopping Ads has shown tremendous growth in recent times. According to a survey, 43% clicks from Google search are coming through Google Shopping Ads retailers. If you consider just non-branded queries (i.e. baby clothes, men’s shoes, fancy dresses etc.), the share of clicks goes to as high as 70%. Looking at the stellar performance of Google shopping ads, most of retail businesses have increased their budget. The ad spending increased by 193% for mobile, 24% for tablet and 16% for desktop.

Our process

Best performing Google shopping ads is our commitment. We will set up your campaign from scratch.

Product feed optimisation

Google merchant centre account and setting up the feed there is the starting point. Google asks some required information for all products to approve. But that’s not enough. There are so many other optional fields which help to improve campaign performance at the end. Getting latest feed with updated prices and offers. We help in technical and development things if required to generate and manage feed.

Create Google Shopping campaign

We will create structured shopping campaigns in adwords. Structuring campaigns using negative keywords and campaign priority. This will help to separate the branded and non-branded traffic and allow to bid intelligently based on conversion report.

Smart Bidding Management

Google shopping campaigns are performing excellent in mobile as mentioned above. So smart bidding based on devices and query type (branded vs non-branded) is important. Read the performance statistics and optimise entire campaign bidding to get maximum ROI.

Campaign optimisation & feed maintenance

Product feed is the heart of the Google Shopping campaign, if there error occurs whole campaign will be stopped. So consistent check with the feed, check for product approval and disapproval is our task. Keep an eye on search terms to find and add negative keywords, which has a huge impact on campaign performance.