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Google PPC is the way to start making profit instantly. Over 1.5 million businesses growing online using Google PPC. They are making an average $2 in revenue for every $1 spend on adwords. We will help you to organise your spend on PPC in line with revenue per conversion.


What you can expect by hiring us as your PPC advertising agency?

Sustainable Growth

Reach out to more people > more new customers > more repeat customers, a perfect recipe for a sustainable growth story. Most of small and medium businesses reported 40-100% growth year-over-year after started PPC advertising.

Improve ROI

We have helped many businesses to bring down their cost per lead and cost per acquisition. Our perfect tracking methodology helps us to cut down cost on non-performing campaign so good performing campaigns can get extra bucks.

Better leads which converts

Leads/conversion helps you to decide quality of lead source. The quality of leads from Adwords remain very high because it is pull marketing – pull those people who are already looking for your service or product.

Transparent Reporting

Reporting is the heart of any marketing campaign. Comparison with set KPIs and measure the success of any campaign helps in future budget allocation. Completely transparent easy to understand reporting is our guarantee. We don’t play with data and words, we perform.

What we do to start a campaign?

Keyword research

Extensive keyword research using various tools and competitors’ campaign analysis. Keywords are the base of a successful PPC campaign.

Adwords campaign setup

We use proper naming structure for campaigns and ad groups in line with their objectives. It helps us to create an easy to understand adwords account and avoid any duplication.

Create Ad copy

Keyword, ad copy and landing page in sync help to improve quality score. We write captivating ad copy which helps to increase CTR as well.

Prepare Landing page

If you have landing pages, we can make it most relevant to improve the quality score. If not then our design and development team helps to create an appealing one.

How we improve the campaign performance?

Bid management

More allocation to best performing keywords and reduce for those which are not performing, this is simple math. We do more than that. Split the bid between exact match, phrase match and broad match according to performance.

Improve Quality Score

Quality score directly impacts on how much you pay for click. Constantly tweaking the ad copy and landing page to improve the quality score. Higher quality score can get more impressions and clicks in the same budget.

Reduce CPC

Remove keywords conflict to avoid inter competition, checkout for negative keywords and add them, add more relevant ads, splits campaigns if needed, these are some of the ways we use to reduce Cost and get more click in same budget.

Drive more traffic

Increase the budget and traffic constantly keeping the cost per conversion under the check along with profitability is equally important. We will find those opportunities, continuous A/B testing of various things will be our routine tasks.